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All this (first in the Upanishads) is the viewpoint from the mental consciousness. It is incomplete because two things that are one have been left out, the Personal Manifestation and the name of the Mahashakti. The subsequent growth of spiritual knowledge has brought about a constant effort to add these missing elements.

When the hidden secret has been discovered and made effective, the human consciousness will be exceeded, the superconscient made conscient and the subconscient or inconscient which is the inevitable shadow of the superconscient filled with the true spiritual and supramental consciousness. The Trance, Dream and Waking States (all imperfect at present and either touched with obscurity or limited) become each completely conscious and the walls, gaps or reversals of consciousness that intervene between them are demolished.

Sri Aurobindo, Record of Yoga – II: Undated Notes, c. December 1926

Savitri Era: Uttering the word religion is seen as a sin and …


Apr 2, 2007 – In a perceptive paper titled “Grace and Selfeffort in the Upanishads” published in the Mother India, Apr-May 1962, Sisir Kumar Maitra …

Aurora Mirabilis: Sisir Kumar Maitra


Aug 15, 2006 – Life: Maitra was born into a Brahmin family, and as his father – who served as a Professor … “Selfeffort of grace“, Vedanta Kesari (Madras) no.

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