Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Conditions for Realisation of the Supreme Harmony and Truth of Existence

Posted on: July 11, 2015

Sri Aurobindo Studies

As long as the human soul is bound by the ego-personality, he is subject to the operation of the three Gunas of Nature and there can be no permanent or complete peace, harmony or knowledge. The instability of the action of the Gunas ensures that the human being is forced to endure the fluctuations that are so distressing to the ego. The fixation of the ego-personality means that suffering is intense. The solution to this situation requires the elimination of the ego-personality as the center of reference. The individual must give up the ego in order to transfer the standpoint to the Divine standpoint and see, understand and act from there. At that point, there is no longer any personal craving or suffering because the ego-viewpoint has been removed.

Sri Aurobindo explains the necessity: “The individual ego must cease to strive, the mind fall silent, the desire-will learn not to…

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