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Sri Aurobindo Studies

The various yogic paths and traditions each focus on one leading aspect of our human instrument, using that as the focus and lever of the effort to achieve a divine realisation. While they have acquired something of a habit of opposition to one another in the minds of the practitioners, they could be seen more as complementary to one another, rounding out the full human potential, if a method can be found to achieve their harmonious integration and support for one another.

Sri Aurobindo points out that the differences in focus, practices and efforts involved, if simmply clubbed together would achieve confusion and little else. Further, that the idea of sequentially taking up one and then the next is not practical nor efficient in achieving the goal of the aspiration, given the enormous effort that each of these disparate paths must require of the practitioner.

“The synthesis we propose cannot…

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

While Raja Yoga focuses on purifying and managing the mental powers at the basic level of the mental substrate and core functioning powers, the “triple paths” of knowledge, works and love each concentrate on one specific power or functionality of the more general mental level. The path of knowledge focuses on the higher reasoning intellect, the path of works on the harnessing of the will power, and the path of love focuses on the emotional forces. In each case, the power is essentially isolated, focused and concentrated and directed towards achieving unity with the Divine.

Sri Aurobindo compares them to the path of Raja Yoga: “The triple Path of devotion, knowledge and works attempts the province which Rajayoga leaves unoccupied. It differs from Rajayoga in that it does not occupy itself with the elaborate training of the whole mental system as the condition of perfection, but seizes on certain central…

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