Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Inner Renunciation, Outer Renunciation and the Divine Worker

Posted on: September 16, 2013

Sri Aurobindo Studies

One of the cornerstones of many traditional teachings of yoga, as well as a number of religious disciplines around the world is the renunciation of the fruits of works in the world, and even, in some instances, renunciation of those works themselves. In Sanskrit, this outer form of renunciation is called sannyasa and renunciates in the Hindu tradition are called sannyasins.

The Gita proposes a different solution. Rather than requiring outer renunciation, the Gita recommends “inner” renunciation, called tyaga, whereby the fruits of the works has been renounced inwardly even while action takes place in the world and carries out the action required for the maintenance and development of the world-manifestation.

Sri Aurobindo describes the Gita’s view of renunciation: ” ‘He should be known as the eternal Sannyasin who neither hates nor desires; free from the dualities he is happily and easily released from all bondage.’ The painful…

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