Tusar Nath Mohapatra

The Spiritual Impersonality of the Divine Worker

Posted on: September 11, 2013

Sri Aurobindo Studies

The Gita makes it clear that identifying the divine worker, the karmayogin, cannot be done by outer signs or by even determining the type of work that is being carried out. The true signs are of inward consciousness. The first two characteristics of the divine worker were acting from a status of liberating knowledge without personal egoism; freedom from desire and the consequent skill in works based on tranquil and informed insight not distorted by the force of desire, to the work to be done and the methods to be employed.

Sri Aurobindo goes further to describe the state of awareness held by the liberated divine worker: “This spiritual impersonality is a third sign of the divine worker. All human souls, indeed, who have attained to a certain greatness and largeness are conscious of an impersonal Force or Love or Will and Knowledge working through them, but they are not…

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