Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Human Nature and Divine Nature

Posted on: August 19, 2013

Sri Aurobindo Studies

The new chapter “The Process of Avatarhood” focuses on gaining a detailed understanding of both the differences between what we call “human nature” and what we understand the Avatar to represent, namely the direct expression of Divine Nature in human form; as well as the methodology that brings about these differences.

First as to the human nature. Sri Aurobindo describes it thus: “The eternal and universal self of every human being is God; even his personal self is a part of the Godhead….–not a fraction or fragment, surely since we cannot think of God as broken up into little pieces, but a partial consciousness of the one Consciousness, a partial power of the one Power, a partial enjoyment of world-being by the one and universal Delight of being, and therefore in manifestation, or, as we say, in Nature a limited and finite being of the one infinite and illimitable Being…

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