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Sri Aurobindo Studies

Another theory that comes up is that the earth is somehow the penalty box for celestial beings who have “fallen” from their celestial status and they have the opportunity, through their efforts here to regain their celestial status. Even if there is some factual basis behind this supposition, clearly this still demands a past that influences the present circumstances, and a process, spanning potentially multiple rebirths, for the being to work through the “issues”, as it is clear that one lifetime cannot and does not afford the celestial being the opportunity to solve the concerns so obviously visible when we look at the general “issues” with which humanity is burdened.

Sri Aurobindo explains his view on the matter: “But it is evident that this one earthly life is not sufficient for all to effect that difficult return, but rather most may and do miss it entirely; and we have then…

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Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

The subjective perception of Time is a well-known phenomenon studied by neuroscientists and psychologists.  They have discovered that as people get older, the years seem to be fly by much quickly [9].  Time slows down amidst a crisis or accident when we become painfully aware of every thought and feeling [10].  It slows down when we are exasperated and eagerly waiting for something to happen (“Are we there yet...?”) but, in sharp constrast, it zips by when we are engrossed in study.  Scientists have also discovered the Kappa effect by which a faster journey over more distance appears more time-consuming than a slower journey over less distance.  Psychedelic drugs like LSD are said to drastically impair the linear conception of time, making time go backwards and even out of sequence[6].  Centuries earlier, St Augustine of Hippo commented that when we measure time, we are actually measuring the mental…

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

When we begin to experience the higher spiritual parts of our nature, we recognize that here there is soemthing which is clearly beyond the physical material manifestation and independent from it. We thus have found the basis for accepting conclusively the need for and the reality of rebirth. Our spiritual nature can adopt a standpoint which is able to observe and either give consent, or withhold consent, to the actions of the mind, life and body. This portion of our being, which we may designate the “soul”, is not limited by physical heredity or by the influence of environmental factors. We can observe, and even participate in, the evolutionary development of the soul.

Sri Aurobindo points out: “Quite apart from any evidence of an after life on other planes or any memory of past births, this is sufficient warrant for a refusal to accept as sufficient any theory of the…

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

The scientists who try to explain life by physical energy also try to explain mind the same way. Somehow a combination of chemicals and electrical impulses created the sonnets of Shakespeare or the higher mathematics of Albert Einstein! Sri Aurobindo takes strong exception to this viewpoint:

“…but no amount of correspondence can show how a physical response can be converted into or amount to or by itself constitute in result a conscious operation, a perception, emotion, thought-concept, or prove that love is a chemical product or that Plato’s theory of ideas or Homer’s Iliad or the cosmic consciousness of the Yogin was only a combination of physiological reactions or a complex of the changes of grey brain matter or a flaming marvel of electrical discharges. It is not only that common sense and imagination boggle at these theories,–that objection may be disregarded,–not only that perception, reason and intuition have to…

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