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Sri Aurobindo Studies

The Overmind consciousness, based in cosmic awareness, has many different formulations by which it can be experienced by the developing consciousness of the seeker. In itself it holds multiple different possibilities ready for manifestation. Sri Aurobindo describes a number of different ways to experience the descent and action of the Overmind consciousness: “In place of an uncentered and unplaced diffusion there may be the sense of the universe in oneself or as oneself….”

The experience is not however an expansion of the ego-consciousness, but “the extension or the identification constituting a cosmic being, a universal individual.”

Another option that can occur: “In one state of the cosmic consciousness there is an individual included in the cosmos but identifying himself with all in it, with the things and beings, with the thought and sense, the joy and grief of others; in another state there is an inclusino of beings in oneself…

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

As powerful and as wide as the overmental consciousness is, it’s action is not yet based in or centered in knowledge; it remains a power of action founded upon the original Ignorance of the Body-Life-Mind formulation. While it is the highest expression of that basis, it still has its own limitations, which only get resolved when the ascent to the supramental level actually takes place. Sri Aurobindo defines these limitations as follows: “It takes up all that is in the three steps below it and raises their characteristic workings to their highest and largest power, adding to them a universal wideness of consciousness and force, a harmonious concert of knowledge, a more manifold delight of being. But there are certain reasons arising from its own characteristic status and power that prevent it from being the final possibility of the spiritual evolution. It is a power, though the highest power, of…

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Mirror of Tomorrow

What is meant here is the Divine in its essential manifestation which reveals itself to us as Light and Consciousness, Power, Love and Beauty. But in its actual cosmic manifestation the Supreme, being the Infinite and not bound by any limitation, can manifest in Itself, in its consciousness of innumerable possibilities, something that seems to be the opposite of itself, something in which there can be Darkness, Inconscience, Inertia, Insensibility, Disharmony and Disintegration. It is this that we see at the basis of the material world and speak of nowadays as the Inconscient—the Inconscient Ocean of the Rigveda in which the One was hidden and arose in the form of this universe—or, as it is sometimes called, the non-being, Asat. The Ignorance which is the characteristic of our mind and life is the result of this origin in the Inconscience. Moreover, in the evolution out of inconscient existence there rise…

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Mirror of Tomorrow

I will try to remember this great Truth whenever I am able to (which may not be very often), but at the very least every time I look at Sri Aurobindo’s symbol and remember who He and the Mother really are, not just Yogis or Gurus, Saints or Mystics, but the progenitors of a whole new Divine World, here to initiate and give birth to a perfect creation that shall fulfill and justify all the struggle and the suffering of the present imperfect one.

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

As a series of steps or gradations, the ascent of consciousness beyond the mind takes us through the Higher Mind, to the Illumined Mind, and from thence to the Intuition and next to the Overmind. At each stage we see increasing power of consciousness with ever-increasing knowledge that comes through the reduction of the influence of the Subconscient and the Inconscient, and the upwelling and massing of ever more intense light. For the most part, the experience of the steps preceding the Overmind is based still in the individual’s own awareness. The Overmind however is directly tied to the breaking out of the consciousness from the individual to the cosmic level and the overpassing of the instrumentation of the ego. Sri Aurobindo discusses the Overmind and the principles of its action: “…we have seen that the Overmind, even when it is selective and not total in its action, is still…

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

Intuition appears to us in its occasional action as something akin to a lightning-flash of insight. If it just occurs as an occasional insight, it is cut off from an all-encompassing sense of completeness and easily diluted or distorted by the working of the reason. While this may protect to some degree from the pseudo-intuitions that can masquerade as true insight, it is a weak illumination that does not have much transformative power, as it has been modified both by the action of the Illumined Mind, and then the Higher Mind before eventually manifesting in the human mentality.

In its native plane of action, far above the human mind, intuition is a massed light of consciousness, integrated and illuminating the entire field with its insight. Sri Aurobindo describes it thus: “…on that higher level to which it is native its light is unmixed and therefore entirely and purely veridical, and…

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Sri Aurobindo Studies

Sri Aurobindo provides us with a clear insight into the nature and functioning of Intuition. “Intuition has a fourfold power. A power of revelatory truth-seeing, a power of inspiration or truth-hearing, a power of truth-touch or immediate seizing of significance, which is akin to the ordinary nature of its intervention in our mental intelligence, a power of true and automatic discrimination of the orderly and exact relation of truth to truth…” This action of intuition works to uplift or even replace the normal action of the logical mind of reason, and has corresponding actions to uplift and transform the heart, life energy, sense experience and physical consciousness. “It can thus change the whole consciousness into the stuff of Intuition; for it brings its own greater radiant movement into the will, into the feelings and emotions, the life-impulses, the action of sense and sensation, the very workings of the body-consciousness; it…

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