Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Dangers of the Inner Opening of the Consciousness

Posted on: February 6, 2012

Sri Aurobindo Studies

Because we mostly live in the surface consciousness, we are not much familiar with the inner realms of consciousness, the inner mental, inner vital, subtle physical, not to speak of the psychic being in the depths at the center. The surface consciousness represents a compromise or amalgam of the action of the native power of each of these levels, and provides a certain measure of stability and “solidity” to the activity. When one enters into the inner realms, however, whether through a natural evolutionary development, or through some “event” that propels us inwards, we are confronted in some cases with forms, forces, powers and entities that are unfamilar to us, that act with an intensity and directness to which we are not normally subjected, and which can both guide, and mislead, depending on how we respond to them.

Sri Aurobindo describes the issues clearly: “In entering within one may find…

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