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Aurobindo presents SavitrI not as the cyclically recurring mother goddess (as one might expect from a Hindu) but as a unique fully human incarnation with the task of “Translating heaven into a human shape…” (Savim, SABCL, Vol. 29, p. 353). Thompson suggests that nothing could better confirm Au- robindo’s insistence on the full humanity of the incarnation than his selection of a female sub- ject for his poem – SavitrI presented in the three archetypes of femininity: a Mary figure, a
warrior goddess, and a symbol of Wisdom (pp. 60-61). It is through Savitri in the unity of all her incarnation roles, says Thompson, that she functions as mediatrix, as the initiator and cul- minator of a unique atonement (p. 61). In
Essays on the Gita, concludes Thompson, the incarnations of Christ, K{~IJ.a and Buddha are shown as functioning within the plurality of re- ligions attuned to the one end-Savitri as sym- bol of the universal integration of all human life (p. 62).
While Thompson has alerted us to a most interesting comparative analysis of incarnation between Christianity and one contemporary Hindu thinker, it is clear that the full study re- mains to be done. Thompson’s little book is suggestive at best, but is all the more valuable for that. What he does indicate is that the comparative study of incarnation between Christianity and Hinduism is far from complete (notwithstanding Geoffrey Parrinder’s Avatar and Incarnation Oxford, 1982). Aurobindo’s integration of the evolutionary and historical thrusts along with his culmination in the femi- nine incarnation calls for a new study to be un- dertaken.
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