Tusar Nath Mohapatra

This magnum opus dethrones and perfects the intellect

Posted on: August 19, 2011

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. There are few who can compare with Sri Aurobindo
Reviews Written by John Pellicci (Palm Beach Gardens, United States)
The Upanishads, 1st US Edition by Aurobindo Ghose Edition: Paperback Price: $12.26 Words of a Master, October 14, 2010 Amazon This review is from: The Upanishads, 1st US Edition (Paperback)
There are few who can compare with Sri Aurobindo Ghose. His erudition is only surpassed by his realization. A wordsmith of the highest order, who can bring to light and clarity the often confusing and veiled jargon of the ancient Rishis. His commentaries on the Upanishads opens vistas of thought that allow the earnest and informed seeker the opportunity to sit at the feet of a modern master-sage. Comment | Permalink
Essays on the Gita, New U.S. Paperback Ed. by Aurobindo Ghose Edition: Paperback Price: $14.96 Availability: In Stock 30 used & new from $3.59 Doing the Gita Justice, October 14, 2010 Amazon This review is from: Essays on the Gita, New U.S. Paperback Ed. (Paperback)
You can’t ask for a more robust and accurate discourse on the profound truths of the Gita. Unlike the envious who seek to dethrone the Supreme Personality with their misreadings of the Gita’s message, Sri Aurobindo maintains and magnifies the spirit of devotion throughout his writing. In his unique style, the Master-Sage brings the Gita to life for the modern, critical-thinking God-seeker; who blushes at sectarian stupidity and obtuse scholarship. If you are looking to understand the “Song of the Lord” in a way that brings you to the oceanic depths of Godhead, then click “add to cart.” Comment | Permalink
The Life Divine – U.S. edition by Aurobindo Ghose Edition: Hardcover Price: $30.36 Availability: In Stock 38 used & new from $14.63 Our Future Self, July 26, 2011 Amazon This review is from: The Life Divine – U.S. edition (Hardcover)
Aurobindo is a golden Vessel. His words convey thoughts of the most sublime and supreme that a human is given to think and become. His depth of realization and breadth of learning continues to leave me aghast. This magnum opus dethrones and perfects the intellect, opens the being to higher ranges and transmissions to the effect of developing the necessary mental architecture for the radical uplift and trans-human amplification.Comment | Permalink    Posted by Tusar N. Mohapatra at 1:22 PM

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Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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