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Sri Aurobindo’s interpretation of the Deep Sleep state as the very highest causal state is, in fact, in variance with the traditional Vedantic and Buddhist thought and their modern commentators. Sri Aurobindo brings in the precision of Vedic insights to the fore in their pristine simplicity and beauty and in that lies his supremacy. But the secret is to read The Life Divine oneself instead of relying upon stereotyped two-liners written by someone else.

Tusar N. Mohapatra says: November 21, 2006 at 5:31 am

[Re: The Death of Man or Post-Humanism 101 by Debashish on Fri 17 Nov 2006

About Derrida’s principled refusal to name the Other, I too admire him for his mystical, linguistic and social rigor. But I do not think this is the only path of language in an age of transition. To the complaint from a critic that the line from Savitri “Teased the Inconscient to wake Ignorance” was not good poetry because it was full of “metaphysical abstractions,” Sri Aurobindo replied that things like Inconscient and Ignorance were not at all either “metaphysical” or “abstractions” to him, but realities of experience and he was stating it like he saw it. So if his reader did not see it like his saw it, the best he could expect is that he would some day. In the meantime, he also outlined his theory of The Future Poetry to prepare the openness to a legitimate reception of his language.]

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