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Chapter Three–On The Nature Of Fact

In the next chapter, we will observe some important relationships between Whitehead’s fundamental metaphysical categories and those of Sri Aurobindo. But this connection between Whitehead’s thought and Eastern thought can be seen
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Chapter Four–On The Nature Of The Physical World

In order to emphasize the analogy between Whitehead’s ideas and those of Sri Aurobindo, I will refer to Eternal Objects as determinate possibility (this is a shorthand for determinate possibilities of Existence, or Sat).
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Chapter One–Doctrine Of The Subtle Worlds

directly to seize on the physical energy and speed it accurately upon its errand. There, once we bring ourselves to recognize it, lie the gates that open upon the enormous vistas of the future.” Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, p.
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Chapter Five – On The Nature Of The Subtle Worlds

Sri Aurobindo goes so far as to suggest that a thorough exploration of these subtle realms is one way that human beings can, ultimately, fulfill the evolutionary project by discovering their fundamental identity with the Divine source
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Chapter Two – Doctrine Of The Subtle Worlds and the Cosmology of

Sri Aurobindo, the great Twentieth Century philosopher-mystic, took the work of the Theosophists to an entirely new level. Sri Aurobindo brought to his cosmological work three major assets: he was an accomplished yogi who seems to have
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This Doctrine was held by all premodern civilizations, and has, in modern times, been advanced in Theosophy and in the cosmology of Sri Aurobindo. This dissertation introduces the doctrine, explores its presentation in Sri Aurobindo,
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participatory thinking: exploring new modes of thought in a

the ideas we will explore in this class are based in the work of jean gebser, sri aurobindo, and alfred north whitehead. however, rather than engaging in textual analysis, we will develop our participatory thinking through facilitated
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The future body: Disappearances 22 Dec 2008 by Rich (Thacker 2006) Now startlingly he indicates that -albeit the methodological differences- the goals announced by Sri Aurobindo in The Life Divine of overcoming our mortal destiny may actually be facilitated by the process of tissue … Science, Culture and Integral Yoga – http://www.sciy.org/blog

“Such a Body We Must Create:” New Theses on Integral Micropolitics Daniel Gustav Anderson
INTEGRAL REVIEW December 2008 Vol. 4, No. 2
Anderson: New Theses on Integral Micropolitics .  10:53 AM  
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He who would bring the heavens here,

Must descend himself into clay

And the burden of earthly nature bear

And tread the dolorous way.

The heavy yoke of Death and Ignorance he must bear to do God’s work, do it precisely in those conditions. But in the next stanza the description proceeds to make a revealing statement; it is about the deep and occult process by which the Divine Soul carries out his work:


Coercing my godhead I have come down

Here on the sordid earth,

Ignorant, labouring, human grown

Twixt the gates of death and birth.

Here is the Sacrifice of the supreme Purusha; here is his coming down personally too, and here is his passing through the portals of the life that is a death. The incarnation must “reach the grim foundation stone, knock at the keyless gates”, pass through “the gates of death and birth”, accept the life that is a death. In Savitri we have a much direr description of the pain suffered by the Avatar. Aswapati, in order to discover the cause of this world’s failure, has entered into the depths of the primordial Night… RY Deshpande

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