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Narad’s Five Songs and the Theme of Evolution in Savitri


I curbed the vacant ether into Space;

A huge expanding and contracting breath

Harboured the fires of the universe:

I struck out the supreme original spark

And spread its sparse ranked armies through the Inane,

Manufactured the stars from the occult radiances,

Marshalled the platoons of the invisible dance;

I formed earth’s beauty out of atom and gas,

And built from chemic plasm the living man.

Then Thought came in and spoilt the harmonious world:

Matter began to hope and think and feel,

Tissue and nerve bore joy and agony.

The inconscient cosmos strove to learn its task;

An ignorant personal god was born in Mind

And to understand invented reason’s law,

The impersonal Vast throbbed back to man’s desire,

A trouble rocked the great world’s blind still heart

And Nature lost her wide immortal calm.

Thus came this warped incomprehensible scene

Of souls emmeshed in life’s delight and pain

And Matter’s sleep and Mind’s mortality,

Of beings in Nature’s prison waiting death

And consciousness left in seeking ignorance.


And here is Savitri giving a tutorial to Yama the God of Death, telling him the purpose and aim of this vast creation, explaining its supernal Law: (pp. 632-33 )


This was the aim, this the supernal Law,

Nature’s allotted task when beauty-drenched

In dim mist waters of inconscient sleep,

Out of the Void this grand creation rose,—

For this the Spirit came into the Abyss

And charged with its power Matter’s unknowing Force,

In Night’s bare session to cathedral light,

In Death’s realm repatriate immortality.

A mystic slow transfiguration works.

All our earth starts from mud and ends in sky,

And Love that was once an animal’s desire,

Then a sweet madness in the rapturous heart,

An ardent comradeship in the happy mind,

Becomes a wide spiritual yearning’s space.

A lonely soul passions for the Alone,

The heart that loved man thrills to the love of God,

A body is his chamber and his shrine.

Then is our being rescued from separateness;

All is itself, all is new-felt in God:

A Lover leaning from his cloister’s door

Gathers the whole world into his single breast.

Then shall the business fail of Night and Death.

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